Major League Baseball Should Ban Players from Playing in Venezuela

By Living Baseball

The Wilson Ramos kidnapping was certainly a frightening situation for a lot of people involved. His family and Ramos first and most of all, but there were other people affected by it. Major League Baseball, fans, players, and people across the world. The question is simply, why does Major League Baseball allow it’s players to play in Venezuela, a country whose crime rate continues to soar- mainly with the drug trade and kidnappings.

The safety of players in the off season should be the number 1 priority for teams, players, and the MLB. Players are NOT safe in Venezuela, and therefore MLB should step in and ban all players from playing there until Venezuela starts taking care of it’s issues. Major League players are wealthy, and in a poor country- stand out like a sore thumb. They have major targets on their backs, and it’s not fair for anyone involved. Wilson Ramos did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment by it’s countrymen- and it’s incredibly fortunate that Ramos came out unscathed.

Players still playing in Venezuela often have to hire body guards for constant protection. Shouldn’t that be the number 1 sign that it’s a dangerous territory? Major League Baseball needs to step in and play big brother here. They need to step in and protect not only their investment- but their people. There is no reason to risk the lives of these players- just for a few months of trying to get better.

My proposal? Major League Baseball should start a winter league in the southern states of Florida, Arizona, Southern California, and Texas. There is ZERO reason not too. There are so many beautiful spring training facilities that don’t get used much in the offseason, and players have the opportunity to get better- while being safe. Look- the USA is not perfect. There is crime. There is crime everywhere…but when was the last time this happened to a player in the USA? Come on. Let’s think logically here. This isn’t a vendetta against Venezuela, it’s just fact.

Bud Selig needs to do the right thing, and protect the lives of these players if they aren’t going to do it.

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