Albert Pujols Will Not Be Taking His Talents To South Beach

By Living Baseball

I have to give the Miami Marlins some props for taking a leap of faith and sending a 9 year 200 million dollar offer to Albert Pujols. I mean, that’s great for a team accused of being cheap. I love how they’re being just as aggressive with Jose Reyes, as they try and open up their new park, new colors, new name, and new manager with a bang.

With that being said, the Marlins will not reel in the biggest fish of the off season. There is just no way the Marlins will out bid EVERYONE. There is no way the Marlins outbid the biggest market teams, and there is no way the Marlins hold off a similar offer from the St. Louis Cardinals whom I still believe has the highest chance of bringing Pujols back.

Again, I give the Marlins a ton of credit, but I just don’t see Albert Pujols heading down to Miami to finish his career.

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