Are You Ready For Year-Round Interleague Play?

By Tony Piraro

Major League Baseball has finally adopted the NBA’s regular season schedule format. It may be the one thing the NBA has done well these days. The sale of the Houston Astros to Jim Crane forced Houston to move from the NL Central to the AL West. This move places 15 teams in each respective league, giving them an uneven number, thus enforcing year-round interleague play. It will be structured like the NBA, where every team plays every team.

This means there will be World Series re-matches every season. I would love to watch the Cardinals and Rangers play in a 3-game series next season. I want to see Carlos Gonzalez against C.C. Sabathia on a yearly basis. I want to watch Roy Halladay pick apart his former mates in Toronto, year after year. Don’t you? This is a great move for baseball. To those of you who hated interleague already….you may want to find another sport. I hear basketball is not taking reservations.

The Chicago Cubs traveling to Boston or New York, or vice versa, every year would boost ticket sales, viewership, etc. How about the annual Phillies versus Red Sox game? That should be an owners wet dream. Major League Baseball made a business decision to help boost popularity. They noticed how bad the NBA looks right now, so why not pounce on the more popular sport? Selig is trying to steal some of the NBA fans away when the league is vulnerable.

Beyond conspiracy theories and business deals, this is a move that will make the game more fun to watch. Baseball is evolving. It started with the wild-card and expanded all the way to video replays (which I still hate, but umps are terrible). Now, we are looking at a schedule format that will play the National versus the American regularly. The historic game that once had just eight teams in the early 1900’s, has expanded to 30 teams. Those teams were meant to play everyone. There will be a better standard by which excellence is measured in the future. If you can’t adapt and change to move forward, then you’ll be forever trapped in the past.

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