Hanley Ramirez Doesn't Want To Change Positions: Miami Marlins Have Dilemma

By Living Baseball

What a surprise, Hanley Ramirez is upset that if the Miami Marlins bring in Jose Reyes, he’ll be forced to change positions for the good of the team. Is anyone else tired of this spoiled, self serving, and mainly over rated short stop? Hanley Ramirez is a baby. There’s no other way around it. This guy CONTINUES to put himself above the team, above the game, and it’s getting out of hand.

Jose Reyes would immediately bring a jolt to the Marlins offense. He would bring a life and an energy that HANLEY is supposed to bring. So what’s Hanley’s beef exactly?

Jose Reyes would help the Marlins win, but that doesn’t matter to Hanley Ramirez. All that matters is that Hanley Ramirez gets what he wants. Hanley Ramirez is a disgrace to Major League Baseball Players, and to anyone that plays the game. He is everything that is wrong about a professional athlete.

Look at all the short stops that have changed positions for the good of the team? Cal Ripken Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Ernie Banks, Omar Vizquel plays all over the diamond now, Michael Young, etc. Why can’t Hanley be one of those guys? Why is this guy so selfish?

If the Marlins do in fact lock up Jose Reyes, they should trade Hanley Ramirez for a monster package, and take the money they owe him and make a run at Prince Fielder.

Either way, Hanley Ramirez makes me sick.

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