Is Having Four Wild Card Teams a Good Idea?

By Living Baseball

The MLB looks like it’s headed to adding a playoff team to each league, and I just don’t know if that’s a great idea.

I’m a big fan of the postseason race, because it impacts the trade deadline as well as September. There isn’t a more fun time for any baseball person than deciding whether your team is capable of winning, or not winning. Sell or don’t sell? I have some serious fears that adding two teams will take the juice out of that race. If one of those teams is really far ahead in the race, they can more or less pack it in like any division winner and I believe that takes away the fun of the wild card. That is my fear, that is the negative.

Trying to look at both sides of the coin, adding two postseason teams should increase the playoff fun. It gives more teams a chance of winning, and creates a more cinderella type story if the second wild card teams wins the World Series. It’ll be interested to see if this is a good thing for baseball, but as of this moment? I’m very much on the fence.

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