No Team Should Sign Milton Bradley

By Living Baseball

The Colorado Rockies were spotted talking to the agents representing angry outfielder Milton Bradley. The question is…why? Milton Bradley is not only a head case, but he’s a liability. He will eventually snap and someone will be harmed seriously. If it’s a heckling fan? That’s a major issue. The Colorado Rockies have tried to surround their organization with high quality human beings, and Milton Bradley is as far from that as humanly possible. Not only that? Milton Bradley isn’t any good anymore! He had a couple good seasons, but his mental issues never allowed him to get the most out of his talent, as seen with the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners.

Milton Bradley is a black eye on baseball. This is not a good guy, and seemingly- he’s the only one that doesn’t know that. If someone gives him a 9th chance, it would be the biggest mistake of all time because there has to be a line drawn that teams should not deal with this kind of scum bag. The question is- what teams are willing to look past all that in hopes of squeezing out a little production? What teams will put the decency of being a good human above a roster spot?

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