Prince Fielder Would be a Terrible Mistake For the Chicago Cubs

By Living Baseball

With Dale Sveum now the manager of the Chicago Cubs, Prince Fielder is now likely to land in Chicago to play for the Cubs. Of course, that depends on who you talk too. I know 99% of the Cubs fan base would love to see this happen. I am part of the 1%- (pun intended).

Prince Fielder is one of the best sluggers around. I will happily admit that. He’s a below average first basemen that is going to cost this team runs. Starlin Castro will have plenty of throwing errors next year.

Prince Fielder is one of the best run producers around. He’s also 280 lbs and the odds of him being that kind of player for a rumored SEVEN years is just a tough sell on a team looking to change it’s ways. The Chicago Cubs new front office has promised to bring a change and identity to the organization. Signing a guy like Fielder for 7 years 200 million is the same thing that got this team in the trouble their in with Alfonso Soriano.

Look- if Fielder is signing for 5 years and 110 million- we can talk about this again. 7 years 180 million is just absurd. Look at Cecil Fielder? Went from being one of the best sluggers around, to out of baseball…quickly. I’m not trying to say Prince is the same, but he is not worth that risk.

I’m hoping the Cubs don’t go this route and stick to the plan. This team needs pitching, and more offense than just Prince. Sigh…we’ll find out ladies and gentleman.

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