Carlos Zambrano Hit in the Head With Line Drive

By Living Baseball

Carlos Zambrano was hit in the head pitching in a start in winter ball in Venezuela. Zambrano suffered “soft tissue damage” and had 18 staples to close a deep gash on the side of his head. He’s supposedly just fine and told the GM of his winter ball team that he wants to make his next start.

Carlos Zambrano has a history of issues with the Chicago Cubs both on and off the field. Theo Epstein recently met with big Z in Chicago and told the media that there is a chance Carlos Zambrano could return to the Cubs but the Cubs won’t welcome him back with open arms. He further said that Zambrano has to earn his way back through hard work and show the organization he’s committed to being a better person and teammate.

It’ll be interesting to see what Carlos Zambrano will do and where he will end up by the end of the off season, but the Cubs appear ready to play hard ball with the volatile right hander.

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