Critiquing Baseball America’s Projected Philadelphia Phillies Team in 2015

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  • Josh

    I understand why a Phillies fan would want to look at this part of the baseballamerica prospect release. However, every year when people like you make these comments to Baseballamerica on their chats or AskBA; they always reply by saying that they do not necessarily believe this will be the lineup on the field come 2015. This is basically a depth chart based on players in the Phillies system. The depth chart merely shows who Baseballamerica believe have the most ability (ie. the highest ceiling). A good way to look at the 2015 starters is to look at it as a “if everything goes right in the organization” type of outlook. Thus, if Maikel Franco, who I have seen personally and truly believe in, reaches his potential, it would FAR outweigh that of Cody Overbeck who can not play 3B at the major league level. And Freddy Galvis might be the starter in 2015 even if they resign Jimmy Rollins as I agree that J-Roll will be a well below average SS by 2015, and will probably end up signing a 3 year contract that expires after 2014 (with a potential option for 2015) thus allowing Galvis to step in. Please do not take these as Baseballamerica’s predictions as to who will actually be on the team in 2015, but just a rough guess based on who’s in the system and who has the highest ceiling.