Grady Sizemore Returning to Cleveland?

By Living Baseball

Grady Sizemore is apparently close to resigning with the Cleveland Indians on an incentive laden deal. I’m a big fan of Grady, and it’s unfortunate he’s had the injury bug over the last few years. He’s a multi talented player so if he can come back healthy, he’s going to be a valuable part of the Cleveland offense.

This would also be a huge move for the Indians simply because it’s a low risk high reward situation. They did real well last year when Sizemore wasn’t healthy so they can win without him. If they get the production that they used to get from him….that would be pretty solid I would think.

I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping the Chicago Cubs would make a run at Grady Sizemore, but hey- good for Cleveland…and good for Sizemore.

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