Is Tyler Colvin Going to be Traded To the Boston Red Sox?

Tyler Colvin is rumored to be the player going to the Boston Red Sox as compensation for Theo Epstein. That would be the greatest thing of all time, as Tyler Colvin isn’t going to be a guy the Cubs were hoping he would be, and with the Cubs having a ton of talent in their outfield throughout the minor leagues- I don’t think anyone will miss Colvin.

Theo Epstein was worth every bit of Tyler Colvin…that much is for sure.

This isn’t a done deal, but I expect something to get done by at least the end of the winter meetings if not way sooner. I think everyone wants to put this behind them, but it seems clear top prospect Trey McNutt will not be traded to Boston as compensation. Thank Goodness.

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  • givejonadollar

    I don’t think the Red Sox would regard Colvin as far compensation. He has fallen off the wheel.

    • Living Baseball

      I don’t disagree with that at all. I think it would be crazy to ask for Colvin, but I don’t have a say in that decision. As a Cubs fan all I can say is….PLEASE.

  • http://yardbarker Paul Gullickson

    I smell Lou Brock approaching the plate

    • Living Baseball

      There is no way…NO WAY….Tyler Colvin can be compared to someone like Lou Brock. Zero.

  • Michael Vazquez

    I don’t think anyone will miss Colvin

    I would, he’s from where I live (Augusta, Ga) and he’s on my fave team lol. Ah, yea he had a very struggling year last year but i think it’s because either he didn’t get enough at bats or he was still effected by that horrible bat incident. I still see Colvin being a great power hitter 20-30 HR’s guy with decent speed for the Cubs for the future and no he won’t be a Lou Brock but still a good bat if only he could just lay off those damn high pitches, he would be all right.

  • Michael Vazquez

    But if they do trade him as for compensation, i would be not really happy but not real mad. But i would miss him.