5 Players the Chicago Cubs Should Target This Winter

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  • stormyweather

    your dreaming. Nathan is not out of the question. Pujols and Wilson likely are. If Pujols is going to sign a 4-5 yr contract, then why did he turn down 8/200 already from the Cards? CJ Wilson is going to price himself out of the Cubs range. If hes posted, I might take a chance on Darvish, given his age. But remember that Japanese pitchers only pitch every 6-7 days, rather than every 5, which explains why Matsuzaka and Nomo eventually flamed out in MLB.

    • gilgerard

      I believe the author is talking about PRINCE FIELDER for the 4-5 years and that’s why he has Albert Pujols at 4 and NOT Prince. At least that’s how I took it.

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