Bobby Valentine Prepared to Meet With Red Sox Today

By Living Baseball

Today is the big day for the Boston Red Sox. They will be meeting with Bobby Valentine to discuss his interest in becoming a big league manager once again. I gotta believe that if Bobby Valentine is to come back, a big market team ready to win has to be high on list of places.

The downfall? The Boston Red Sox choked last year and then seemingly ran manager Terry Francona out of town. There are supposedly issues in the clubhouse (I don’t want to confirm or deny that as I believe a Clubhouse is sacred and the ONLY people that REALLY know what’s going on are the guys there every single day), and that has to weigh in the decision.

I think Bobby Valentine would be an excellent choice as a manager as he is a guy that has earned his respect in this game. He’s had some great success as manager of the Mets and over in Japan so this could be a very easy decision for both parties.

New GM Ben Cherington has to make a big decision right off the bat, and he can’t fail with this. If he brings in a guy who well…sucks- he’s going to be questioned hard core in a fan base that never seems to be satisfied.

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