All Gordon Beckham Wants for Christmas Is...

By Joe Tichy

Dear baseball Santa,

I’ll admit I drank the Kool-Aid a couple years ago when Gordon Beckham came up after his historic College World Series performance.  Beckham has never lived up to his performance in that partial season.  Grant this wannabe talented a second baseman consistent offense and a closer look at a Gold Glove award.

Gordon’s offense looks so promising at times.  Once he gets that hitch in his swing, all promise goes away.  His looping swing may only cost him a millisecond, but that’s all it takes to make or break an at-bat in Major League Baseball.  Greg Walker couldn’t seem to get rid of it.  Maybe Jeff Manto knows something he doesn’t.  It may have taken a trip down to Charlotte to get his confidence going again last season.  We’ll never know.  We do know his .303 average during May last season is what the White Sox need from him in the other five and a half months during the season.  Chicago can’t afford to have someone considered to be part of the nucleus of the future of this organization batting .230.

If it isn’t too much to ask, Beckham deserves a Gold Glove.  Maybe his offensive output, or lack thereof, takes away from him getting a look if that makes sense.  Maybe it’s his team’s lack of output.  Eight errors in 723 chances last season equals a near .990 fielding percentage.  Pretty darn good if you ask me.  Dustin Pedroia had one less error and one less chance, which means he beat Beckham in fielding by one hundredth of a point in total fielding percentage.  Cut the kid a break!

Thanks again for listening baseball Santa.  Beckham has a lot of baseball left in him and the Sox seem to like him.  Let’s make the best of the situation at hand and get Gordon back on track.


Joseph Tichy


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