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Are the Chicago Cubs Going To Dangle Matt Garza at the Winter Meetings?

Matt Garza is reportedly not off limits this offseason, as the Chicago Cubs are being linked to different trades and different free agent signings every day.

Let the fun begin I suppose. Matt Garza was over hyped, and I had no problem with telling Tim Wilken how I felt last winter 5 days after the trade when Rant Sports interviewed him- and I have no problem with telling anyone this. Matt Garza is NOT an ace. He is a glorified 2-3, and if he’s the best pitcher on your staff- that’s a problem and it showed as the Cubs were one of the worst teams of all time in terms of their rotation. Okay maybe not THAT bad…but still…bad.

I would not be upset at all if the Cubs dealt Matt Garza for an outstanding package, and then made a splash at some free agent arms. The Chicago Cubs are only a few good moves away from contending- so it wouldn’t shock me if this is the route they go.

I’m just not as big on Garza as everyone else is/was, so depending on the players involved? I would absolutely be for trading Matt Garza. We’ll find out as Theo Clause will likely bring the Cubs nation some fun presents.