Bobby Valentine Named Boston Red Sox Manager

By Tony Piraro

The Bobby Valentine will be the next manager for the Boston Red Sox. Valentine will be the 45th manager in Red Sox history and wasn’t even on the Red Sox original top-5 candidate list. Bobby was last seen working as an analyst for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

Gene Lamont was the only other person in the running for the team…but c’mon seriously? Would you hire Gene Lamont for your little league coaching vacancy, much less the storied Boston Red Sox? Lamont was a nice story, but I saw that guy fail miserably firsthand in Chicago, with the other Sox.

In my belief, Bobby Valentine was the best candidate for the job. He will emerge as a top-5 manager in baseball for the next decade, you watch. This man is so underrated as a skipper, he has just run into bizarre circumstances during his career. His time in Japan revitalized his name and proved with talent, he can do incredible things.

I love the situation Valentine has set in Boston. It is a bunch of guys who need to be corralled, and fast. Valentine will do just that, while adding a little “Bobby” flavor, as he is prone to do. Either way, the Red Sox wanted to have their guy before the winter meetings next week in Dallas, and now they do.

I will be at the winter meetings next week in Dallas from Sunday until Wednesday (4-7) covering all the bases for Rant. Last year at the meetings in Orlando, I witnessed the Theo Epstein press conference in the Floridian boardroom announcing that the Red Sox had traded for then Padre, Adrian Gonzalez. Boston loves to make a splash amidst all the big-wigs of baseball’s hierarchy, this year will be no different even with the new front office management staff.

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