Winter Meetings May Decide How the Mets Offseason Shapes Up

By Bill Daulton

The New York Mets, like many other teams in Major League Baseball, have been relatively quiet this offseason.  Teams are taking a wait and see approach as the offseason drags on.  That will likely change next week, when the Baseball Winter Meetings begin in Dallas.  The Mets will likely begin to heat up the hot stove and actually…you know…START SIGNING PLAYERS.  The Mets are currently waiting for Jose Reyes to see what he can demand on the open market…hoping he’ll come back to them and give them a chance to match or exceed another team’s offer.  On top of the HUGE Reyes question, the Mets need to find a closer, some starting pitching, identify a 2B, and possibly find a centerfielder.  There’s a lot of work for Sandy Alderson to do before March rolls around.

The Winter Meetings are where the offseason really begins to take shape.  While big free agent signings and trades might not happen while the meetings are in session, the groundwork is often laid at that time.  The Mets lost out on Jonathan Broxton, the free agent closer.  However, they are said to be interested in Francisco Cordero and Octavio Dotel..perhaps as an 8th/9th inning combination.  We’ll see what direction the Mets go and the time of waiting impatiently may be coming to an end.  The Winter Meetings kick off on December 5th, with GM’s arriving over the weekend.  You can expect a lot of rumors and speculation between now and next Friday.

Farewell old friend:  Nick Evans, the versatile, play-everywhere Met has signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Evans is best known for his frequent call-up status..having been send down to the minors and recalled an estimated 1,439,872 times.  I wish Nick well in Pittsburgh!

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