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New York Mets Reportedly Interested in Relief Pitcher Brad Lidge

When the Philadelphia Phillies declined his $12.5 million option for the 2012 season, it became apparent that Brad Lidge’s days in Philly were likely over.

Now it appears the division rival New York Mets may be interested in him, reports the New York Post.

Lidge is a 35-year old relief pitcher with a history of injuries, but he is still a very viable option, especially for a team like the Mets that struggled with the relief pitching last season.

Lidge posted a 1.40 ERA in 19 innings. His walk rate was high (6.1 per nine innings), but his strikeout rate of 10.7 was still good enough that he should be able to be a top-notch reliever in the future. With his injury history, it’s wise that a team doesn’t give him too many years, but he could be a serviceable option as a potential closer or solid option out of the ‘pen.