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Mariners Say They Won’t Trade Felix Hernandez

The Seattle Mariners have been rumored to be shopping Felix Hernandez around saying they expect a kings ransom and then his entire country to get Felix away from Seattle. It sounds like Seattle is turning that rumor down because they are now saying Felix Hernandez will not be traded.

Eh- whatever. If a team came to them with an offer they couldn’t refuse? I think they’d bite. Why not? The Mariners aren’t any good with him and he might be the best way to get better. They have a few awful deals on the books (yes that’s you Chone Figgins), so they’re pretty stuck where they are. Unloading a ton of money, and getting a ton of talent back- huge for Seattle.

This to me is something that just drives up Felix’s price even more so than it already is. No player is 100% untouchable I don’t believe so we’ll see what happens but all Felix talk will likely just be an under the radar type thing this winter.