Possible Rollins to Brewers deal

By Michael Terrill

The winter meetings have officially begun in Dallas and there is already some interesting news popping up.

Sources indicate the meeting with Jimmy Rollins’ representative and the Philadelphia Phillies did not go as well as planned. Rollins, who turned 33 this year, wants a five-year deal. However, the Phillies are not interested in signing him for that length of time. It was reported that the Phillies have shown interest in Aramis Ramirez in case they are unable to sign Rollins.

Rollins has stated that he would immediately sign with the team that is willing to give him the five years he desires. One of those teams is the Milwaukee Brewers, who happen to be searching for a shortstop. Although GM Doug Melvin is not keen on giving a veteran player of his age that kind of deal, crazier things have happened. Anyone remember the four-year, $42 million contract Jeff Suppan signed?

It is improbable this deal does not get done, especially since the Brewers are also eyeing up Ramirez and still making an attempt to sign Prince Fielder. However, it is definitely something worth noting as things begin to progress on the first day of the winter meetings.

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