Rangers Jump Into Mark Buerhle Race

By gilgerard

The Texas Rangers have supposedly jumped into the Mark Buerhle race according to MLB.com. The question is probably- who isn’t in on the Mark Buerhle race? Okay with that being said, Mark Buerhle would be a nice fit because he does everything you need a starter to do. He’s going to eat a ton of innings, is left handed, and is an outstanding clubhouse guy.

The question is: is Mark Buerhle worth that kind of money? I mean, would I pay him 13 million a year? Probably not. Look- Mark Buerhle does a lot of things, and would be a nice addition to the Rangers but come on- for that kind of money? He’s not going to win a cy young or anything. Use that money to better the overall quality of your team. Heck use that money and go after Ryan Madson.

We’ll see who gets the upper hand but Mark Buerhle is clearly a hot topic this year in a pitchers poor market.

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