Milwaukee Brewers 'a favorite' to land Aramis Ramirez

By Michael Terrill

Aramis Ramire’z agent, Paul Kinzer, considers the Milwaukee Brewers “a favorite” to sign the third baseman.

Acquiring Ramirez could be a big deal for the Brewers who lost out on Jerry Hairston yesterday and are rumored to be out on Prince Fielder. If Milwaukee is indeed out on Fielder, signing Ramirez would give them a full-time third baseman while platooning Mat Gamel and Casey McGehee at first.

More importantly Ramirez gives the Brewers the bat they desperately need if Fielder departs to another team and would give Milwaukee’s manager Ron Roenicke some wiggle room in the batting order. Instead of having Rickie Weeks bat clean-up, he could put Ramirez there and have Weeks either lead-off or bat fifth if McGehee struggles again this year.

Below are the 2011 statistics comparing Prince Fielder and Aramis Ramirez. Remember, Fielder played for a team that went 96-66 while Ramirez’s Cubs went 71-91.

Prince Fielder 162 569 95 170 38 120 107 106 0.299 0.981
Aramis Ramirez 149 565 80 173 26 93 43 69 0.306 0.871


There is no way to single-handedly make up for Fielder’s production but Ramirez comes pretty close. At least it will be enough for the team to build around and who knows, McGehee could have the year he had in 2010 which would overwhelm opposing pitchers.

I for one am still holding out hope that the Brewers can re-sign Fielder but if they are unable to, signing Ramirez will be a very good start. As long as the Brewers find a good candidate to protect NL MVP Ryan Braun, all will be well.

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