New York Mets Add Jon Rauch to Revamped Bullpen

The New York Mets have been busy tonight having added three relief pitchers to the bullpen for 2012.  In addition to the Frank Francisco signing and the trade with the San Francisco Giants that brought over Ramon Ramirez, the New York Mets have also signed RHP Jon Rauch to a one year deal.  The deal is worth $3.5 million plus incentives.  In 2011 Jon Rauch produced a 4.85 ERA/5.26 FIP.  Hideous numbers for sure, but for his career marks in ERA/FIP are 3.82/4.03 so its reasonable to expect a better performance out of Jon Rauch in 2012.  Presumably, Jon Rauch will pitch the eighth inning as Frank Francisco’s set-up man.

I’ve never been the biggest Rauch fan.  I always expect someone as physically imposing as Rauch 6’10″ 290 to throw absolute gas (Rauch’s fastball averaged 89.5 mph in 2011) and rack up K’s (7.23/game over his career).  I’m fine with his signing here though.  There is one thing that I’ve preached this offseason in regard to the Mets’ expected bullpen acquisitions – keep it cheap.  Rauch is exactly that and who knows, maybe he’ll return to his solid pre-2011 self.

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  • http://facebook Mike Smith

    The headline says “Yankees add Rauch” but the article says the Mets did. This article is confusing as hell. Who is running this website, the Three Stooges?

    • craigwilliams

      My fault with the wrong title. I write for the Yankees and the Mets site and I’ll mix them up from time to time – kinda like how a parent will mix up the name of his/her kids. Anyway, I thanks for the heads up.

  • Robert

    Good move for the Mets. The CFders are a wash, while Ramarez is a quality middle relever. Surprized the Giants would do this.

    • craigwilliams

      I’m not really in tune to everything the Giants have on their roster and in their system in terms of relief pitching, but maybe Ramirez was expendable.