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New York Yankees Should Walk Away From Chicago White Sox and John Danks

It isn’t too much of a secret that the New York Yankees are in search of pitching (again), nor is it a secret that they are interested in the Chicago White Sox’ John Danks.  I haven’t been shy about my feelings toward John Danks.  He’s just too boring for me.  He would be a very good No. 3 (not the No. 2 that the New York Yankees need/want), but can you get anymore bland for the price?  I mentioned that I wouldn’t want to see the New York Yankees move Dellin Betances or Gary Sanchez in a deal for John Danks and you can go ahead and Mason Williams to that list as well.  With that said, you can imagine how utterly offended I was when I read that Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams asked for Jesus Montero AND Manny Banuelos in a deal for his decent young lefty.

I’m sure many of you know what its like when someone offers you a trade in a fantasy league and its just terrible.  The best way to describe it is the word I used earlier: offensive. That’s the way I feel as a Yankees fan.  It angers me a little bit that Kenny Williams would ask for both of those guys for John f’n Danks.  Luckily I am rational enough (just barely) to recognize that he’s simply negotiating.  I don’t take my MBA negotiating class until next semester, but I do know that each party generally starts at opposite ends – the seller (White Sox in this case) starts high while the buyer (Yankees) starts low.  Who knows, maybe Brian Cashman offered Francisco Cervelli and D.J. Mitchell leaving Williams equally offended.  I doubt it, but that would have been my counter-offer after hearing that nonsense – probably why I won’t be seeing a GM position anytime soon. Anyway, the Yankees are not going to meet that price so its nothing to get worked up over (I know, look who’s talking).  Personally, if John Danks can’t be acquired for Austin Romine and a couple of second tier talents then I’d rather him get traded somewhere else so that the casket can be closed on this  Danks love fest.  I’d be more than happy to see the team hold on to all of their blue chips, develop them into Yankees or use them for a real stud.