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Francisco Rodriguez accepts arbitration

Francisco Rodriguez accepted arbitration and is a member of the Milwaukee Brewers, for now. The Brewers have the option of cutting him during spring training to save money.

If the Brewers decide not to release him from the team he will become the most expensive setup man in history. They will basically pay him as much as they paid Prince Fielder last year, that’s right, a reliever who pitches one inning that isn’t a closer. If you want to feel better about the situation than think of this, we are paying two amazing relievers, K-Rod and closer John Axford, around $13.5 million (Axford is set to make $442,500). If they can produce exactly what they did last year, most teams would take this deal in a heartbeat.

However, as I said before the Brewers have the option of cutting him and will then only be liable to pay roughly $2.16 million.

According to MLB Rules Governing the Eligibility and Process of Arbitration, “If the player is cut within 16 days before the season begins, he is entitled only to 30 days’ termination pay, or about one-sixth of his awarded salary. If the player is cut during spring training but after the 16th day before the season begins, he is entitled only to 45 days’ termination pay.”

It is unfortunate the way this went down, especially since the Brewers will not receive any draft picks. General Manager Doug Melvin thought there would be another team out there willing to pick Rodriguez up given the numbers he produced last season.

Just be thankful there is a loop hole that will get Milwaukee out of paying $13 million if they choose to end ties with Rodriguez.

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