Albert Pujols Agrees to 10-Year $250 Million Deal With Los Angeles Angels; Texas Rangers in Big Trouble

By Jeric Griffin

The Texas Rangers’ task of winning the AL West for a third consecutive year just got a whole lot tougher. Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has agreed to a free agent deal with the Los Angeles Angels, the Rangers’ biggest competition in the AL West.

Terms of the deal are $250 million over 10 years, which means Pujols will be torturing Rangers pitchers for the next decade. Add in the fact the Angels are also the leader in the race to sign Rangers left-handed ace CJ Wilson and Texas is up a creek without paddle.

Sources say Pujols’ deal includes a no-trade clause, which likely stymied a potential deal with the Miami Marlins. The Cardinals’ latest offer to Pujols was for nine years and just under $200 million. Pujols’ last meeting with the Cardinals was scheduled for Thursday, but is not pointless. The Angels weren’t even in the bidding for Pujols until late Wednesday afternoon.

The Angels are trying to become the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Heat of baseball. If Los Angeles succeeds in stealing Wilson away from Texas, the Angels will no doubt be the favorites to win the American League in 2012.

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