Chicago Cubs Submit Bid For Yu Darvish

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs aren’t going to just sit around this winter, but there’s some serious questions if they plan on spending any money. They supposedly made an offer on Albert Pujols (likely to drive up the price), are in the mix for Prince Fielder (or were depending on who you believe), but the guy I’ve wanted all along is Yu Darvish.

Darvish is one of the best pitchers on the glove when you look at pure stuff. Throw in the fact he’s only 25, is long and lanky- and you could have yourself an ace at the big league level…now.

Comcast Chicago has reported the Cubs have submitted an official bid on the half Iranian wonder, but no reports have surfaced with how serious it was.

I have no idea. I hope it was significant because the Cubs lack pitching so much it makes my head hurt. I can’t go through another season watching Rodrigo Lopez and Casey Coleman. I just can’t. I need an ace and Matt Garza isn’t it. So please Tom Ricketts, please tell us you blew away the house with a bid because the Cubs need Yu….Bad.

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