Matt Kemp: Don't Call Ryan Braun A Cheater...Yet

By Tony Piraro

The National League runner-up for the MVP has no ill-will for the reigning MVP Ryan Braun after he tested positive for PED’s. Matt Kemp was recently seen out and about in Los Angeles as he tries to not get involved in the pending Major League issue.

“Nobody’s proven anything man, we don’t know anything,” said Kemp.

TMZ is reporting that Kemp has no hard feelings for his buddy Ryan Braun. The network even brought up the issue of Barry Bonds, which Matt Kemp quickly averted by saying Bonds was one of his favorite players growing up. (Click on TMZ link to view the video of Kemp)

Matt Kemp is a good guy. He is my age and I have friends in baseball that played with Kemp coming up through the minor league ranks who say Matt isn’t concerned with things like this most recent issue. The MVP award is not something that concerns or motivates the Dodgers star outfielder.

Even with the recent allegations from the only guy that finished ahead of him in the MVP voting, Kemp is not concerned with calling-out anyone or demanding the award be given to him. He is simply rolling with the punches and watching the news evolve every day like us, the viewers.

The funny fact is that as bad as the Los Angeles Dodgers were this season, alongside the Frank McCourt debacle, they boasted the Cy Young winner and possible MVP of the league, pending Braun’s guilt. That just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter if you have the best young talent in baseball, extenuating circumstances can just as easily dictate the success of a season just like any player. Stay tuned.

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