Could McCourt Keep The Dodgers?

By Tim Morris

Dodgers Just Became More Valuable

Could we all be hoodwinked by Frank McCourt again? Is his plan to really sale the Dodgers or was he just bluffing so that the court could force a sale of the media rights so McCourt can get the money he needs to keep the Dodgers? That’s one of the many questions I’ve heard lately and it’s a good discussion.

You see, right now the Dodgers make up to $40 mil a year on their current TV deal, which is a freakin’ bargain compared to say the Angles who are getting over double. So what are the Dodgers really worth? Well, they’re estimated to make at a minimum $150 mil, which is more than enough to pay for a shiny new first baseman (which is why the Angels were able to afford King Al), and up to $200 mil.

So with Fox preparing to fight the recent ruling (ha, good luck) now you understand why they’re doing this. It’s not because it’s a contract or because they’re afraid of losing the Dodgers (which they are) it’s because they’re going to have to pony up an extra $100 mil to outbid other teams.

So all that being said, could McCourt use that money to pay off his debts and keep the team? Doubt it, he owes way too much money to his ex-wife and he needs the money from a sale of the team in order to pay it all off plus his debts.

Next question is could he do it? That’s a good question, I haven’t heard of any contract or written agreement between him and Major League Baseball stating he has to sell the team, so he could very well decide he wants to keep them as far as I know.

Would I welcome it? I don’t know, he’s been a jerk this year and he’s very unpopular in the city and with local legends like Magic Johnson, Steve Garvey and Orel Hershier part of groups to buy the team, why would anybody welcome him back?

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