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Should the Red Sox Go After Roy Oswalt?

Roy Oswalt might be the best pitcher left on the market, but unfortunately he comes with some serious risk. Oswalt has been a quality ace like arm for any top of the rotation, but his back troubles would very much scare me away from making the sign. I take that back. His back troubles would stop me from giving him a multi year deal. It appears Roy Oswalt is willing to take a 1 year deal at this point, and that could mean several teams are in the mix. The Boston Red Sox probably could use him the most.

With John Lackey out for 2012, and Dice K Matsuzaka not returning until at least mid year, and no one on the farm ready to step in and take consistent big league innings, the Red Sox need to do something to up their rotation in 2012. Roy Oswalt could be that guy on a 1 year deal.

Roy Oswalt is a bull dog that doesn’t take anything for granted, and probably would work wonders in a locker room supposedly full of entitled ego-maniacs, but I’ll tell ya what- the Rays are going to be right there again in 2012, and the Blue Jays are coming hard. The Sox don’t have a guaranteed spot in October next year- that’s for sure so ignoring their rotation would be a major problem. Sure, they could go out and trade for someone like Matt Garza if they wanna give up the farm, but at this point- Roy Oswalt is definitely the way to go.