Is Eric Young Jr. On His Way to the New York Mets?

By Craig Williams

Aside from a Tuesday during the Winter Meetings, the New York Mets have remained quiet this off-season.  Perhaps things will pick up if some more of these teams would stop talking and start moving some pieces.  Some of the latest chatter links the New York Mets to the Colorado Rockies’ Eric Young Jr.  The 2B/OF presents an intriguing target for the New York Mets.  Ranked as the No. 6 prospect in the Colorado Rockies’ organization in 2010, Eric Young Jr. possesses plus-plus speed according to the 2010 Baseball America Prospect Handbook.  While his speed allowed him to steal 303 bases in 568 minor league games, his overall package remains raw.  He was not regarded as a particularly great defensive second baseman and he is still inexperienced in the outfield.  His numbers have not been great in limited Major League action (.246 BA, 15 XBH in 427 at-bats),  but if the New York Mets are willing to be patient with him I think he could pay some dividends because he has showed some decent potential (.342 OBP, 48 SB).  The defense might be a work in progress, but he has the speed to play in the outfield.  It would just be a matter of reps and experience.  I’ll be monitoring this chatter as we venture into the new year because I think it would be an interesting acquisition.

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