New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Receives "Experimental" Treatment On Right Knee

By Craig Williams

The title says it all.  Alex Rodriguez – on the recommendation of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant – flew to Germany to receive an experimental treatment called Orthokine.  I don’t know about you, but Orthokine sounds a lot like the procedure that Bartolo Colon received last season on his elbow and shoulder.  With Orthokine blood was extracted from Alex Rodriguez’s arm, spun in a centrifuge, and injected it into his knee.  I pulled off a C in freshman biology (as a junior) so I’m sure there are some pretty significant differences that I’m overlooking.  It doesn’t matter though because while Bartolo Colon’s procedure was a surprise to the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has permission from his team which received the go-ahead from Major League Baseball.  There is not a definitive opinion on how effective this procedure really is, but I’m sure every fan will be happy with anything that helps Alex Rodriguez feel and perform better on the field.  Seeing as Kobe Bryant suited up and dropped 28 points only a few weeks after receiving the procedure on his knee and ankle, there shouldn’t be any concern with A-Rod missing any time when the New York Yankees report to Tampa in the spring.

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