Omar Vizquel Not Interested In Signing With the New York Mets

By Craig Williams

Let’s be serious.  Was Omar Vizquel on anybody’s radar this off-season?  He certainly wasn’t on mine so the fact that he wouldn’t give the New York Mets consideration if offered a contract shouldn’t light a fire under my ass.  And honestly, it really doesn’t, but I feel like talking a tiny bit of trash anyway.  And a tiny bit is all I can offer because what can you really say about a future Hall of Famer who will go down as one of the best defensive shortstops to play the game?  Not much.  The dude is 44 though.  I’m not sure the New York Mets would be that much better off if Omar Vizquel came to Queens for a year.  Perhaps he could be a good role model for Ruben Tejada, but there are several veterans out there who could be as good a role model as Omar Vizquel – if not a better one.  He can take his 11 Gold Gloves wherever he wants.  I won’t have a shred of hard feelings, but I won’t exactly be wishing that he was a member of the New York Mets either.

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