Change of Heart: Hanley Ramirez Accepts Move to Third

Apparently Hanley Ramirez has finely grown up a little bit and now understands that the Miami Marlins are indeed the Miami Marlins, and not the Miami Hanleys. There are reports surfacing that Hanley Ramirez is now okay with playing third base as long as the team wins.

Surprise surprise. I’m actually very surprised that he’s finally going down the route of a leader, but I give Hanley credit for growing up- if he indeed has.

Hanley Ramirez is one talented player, but frankly- it doesn’t seem like he puts his heart on the line every play, and that hurts his value on and off the field. Hanley is so naturally gifted it’s scary- and when he is playing hard- he’s as fun as anyone to watch in the game.

I think the Marlins have the chance to be very special in 2012, and they’ll need their leader to stop being a spoiled brat and put the team ahead of himself. It looks like he’s FINALLY on that road- and everyone is better off.

Jose Reyes probably played a large role in that happening seeing as they’re very close. Props to all involved and I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a new Hanley Ramirez.