New York Yankees Bring Andruw Jones Back Into the Fold

By Craig Williams

First of all, happy New Year to everyone.  I hope everybody had an enjoyable time.  Late last week we heard that the New York Yankees were interested in bringing Andruw Jones back to the Bronx, but there did not seem to be any sort of urgency to do so.  Well, some things can change rather quickly because by Friday Andruw Jones was once again a member of the New York Yankees.  The one year deal is worth $2 million plus incentives and according to Jon Heyman, the incentives can potentially total $1.4 million by the end of the season.  As we saw last year, a solid bench can be a pretty big factor in a team’s success throughout the season.  Andruw Jones will provide some power and decent defense off of the bench while spelling Brett Gardner and even Curtis Granderson from time to time against some of the tougher lefties around the league.  This may not be a big move for the New York Yankees, but I think it is a good one.

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