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New York Mets Interested In Ryan Theriot

I wish I had some more exciting or hard hitting news to discuss regarding the New York Mets, but this just isn’t that sort of off-season for them.  I’d love to see some big time prospects brought into the fold in a blockbuster trade or two, but we’ll just have to wait a while longer.  In the meantime, the New York Mets will do their best to compete on a budget.  This mindset has led them to middle infielder Ryan Theriot.  The New York Mets are one of three teams interested in the vet.  Ryan Theriot is no player to get excited about.  If Sandy Alderson does bring him to Queens, it isn’t going to cause a ruckus on Twitter, nor is it going to flood the ticket office with season ticket requests.  Ryan Theriot is a halfway decent player though.  He’s not going to hit for much power at all, but he’s generally going to give you passable offense while playing a premium defensive position. Nothing shiny or fancy, but there isn’t much to choose from at those positions.

The Mets have also been linked Jack Wilson and Ronny Cedeno.  They have some young players who are either ready to man a middle infield position (Ruben Tejada) or are knocking on the door (Reese Havens), but they may not be quite ready to throw those guys to the wolves – not to mention depth is still important.  The most important thing for the New York Mets at this point is to build for the future.  If Ryan Theriot helps plug a hole in the infield while helping the young players develop, I think this could be a better move than most fans will realize.