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Are the Cubs Going To Trade Alfonso Soriano?

The Chicago Cubs were able to trade Carlos Zambrano (Thank Goodness), and now are supposedly trying to trade Alfonso Soriano (ya think)? The question is simply- is TheHoyer Destroyer (Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein) going to be able to deal Soriano?

I think ultimately an American League team looking for some right handed pop out of the DH spot will in fact deal for Alonso Soriano assuming the Cubs pick up probably 85% of his salary that’s remaining. There are so many teams that could use 25 homers out of the middle so there’s going to be a market for him.

As long as the Cubs don’t ask for the sky in return, this seems inevitable. It’s clear the Cubs are rebuilding, and Alfonso Soriano doesn’t matter at this point. It’s time to move on from him and doing that in anyway possible. I think the Cubs fan base is excited to see all the young talent, and it’s a great route for the Cubs to go- rebuild from the bottom up and spend when when the base is strong.

Could Soriano be headed out of town? We can only hope but I think it’s close to happening.