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Why Kerry Wood Should Not Return to the Chicago Cubs

Though it pains me to say, the Cubs should let Kerry Wood go this year and throw him a goodbye party on his way out of town.  Wood loves Chicago and we love him but this relationship has finally reached a point where the Cubs no longer need him.  Sure the bullpen will be in tatters this year with all the young faces around but that is no reason to bring him back and make him suffer through a couple of years where the Cubs are rebuilding.


Mark Grace did it the right way by leaving town, going to Arizona and winning his World Series Championship.  I was downright upset and disappointed when he signed that contract and was no longer a Cub in uniform though I knew along with everyone else that he was a Cub for life.  Then I saw what happened, he divorced himself from this city and its fans for a worthy cause.  Grace saw that he would not win the World Series if he stayed in Chicago.  What’s the point of playing baseball if winning the World Series is not your ultimate goal?


I am a huge Kerry Wood fan and will always be so but he needs to find that team that will give him that World Series.  The great thing about Wood is that he really feels like he owes the Cub fans a championship for what happened in 2003 but he doesn’t owe us anything.  He has left everything he has on the field and on that mound, what more can we, as fans, ask of him?  Sure, his veteran presence will be appreciated in that bullpen during the 2012 Season but for once in his career he should be selfish.  He has earned that right.


The Cubs bullpen will miss him and his team-oriented mindset but Wood just does not fit into the rebuilding mold that Epstein and Hoyer have created.  This isn’t a bad thing; it’s a good thing for the Cubs and for Kerry Wood.  Let’s hope that Kerry gets that championship he deserves and is able to be a part of the Cubs when they end the World Series drought.