Braves Get Their Man

The Atlanta Braves finally made a splash in the free agent market on Friday, as they resigned shortstop Jack Wilson to a one year deal worth $1 million. The deal included incentives that could push the total of the contract to approximately $1.5 million based on plate appearances.

Bringing back Wilson filled the one certain lineup hole that the Braves potentially had on their team. They needed a backup shortstop. They are moving toward Spring Training with the intention on allowing 22-year old, Tyler Pastornicky, have the opportunity to win the starting SS job. Wilson was needed for his defense, leadership and his ability to work with Pastornicky and back him up.

They had been rumored to be seeking a potential outfield bat, but this seems to be far less of a pressing need and a possible addition to the team at this point.

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  • Chief Locked Heart

    Our SS options benefit from the bar being set incredibly low. With Pastornicky’s age and Wilson’s cost, a combined base OPS+ of about 70 with good defense would make us happy at this point, and really that works on a sliding scale with the bat and glove, especially if neither go up hacking at every pitch like we’re all so fed up with seeing.

  • scotty duttuno

    braves get their man and make a big splash lol dude

    do you count the words they post on like google or some sport page so it cuts off before people know your talking about jake wilson who you know sucks cuz he was a castoff of the pirates andmariners two of the worst teams in the league except maybe the royals and now mets lol

    just kiddin with ya dude i like your blog

  • Chad

    I am in middle school. It’s impressive that I have this blog when I am so young.