Braves Sign Martin Prado to One Year Deal

The Atlanta Braves avoided arbitration with left-fielder Martin Prado on Friday. They signed him to a deal worth somewhere between $4.5-5 million. This is actually less than what was originally expected, so it seems like the Braves may have saved some money on bringing back Prado.

Rumors had swirled around Prado all off-season, but the Braves’ asking price was very high for his services. No one had increased their offer, thus Prado remains with the team. He is hoping to rebound off of a subpar 2011 season. The Braves feel confident in Prado as their left-fielder, but they were trying to use him to upgrade their power and depth of their farm system.

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  • Chief Locked Heart

    I think Wren was playing the role of a buyer more than a seller with Prado (and Jair) this offseason. The Braves were looking for ways to improve the team, and these two good players at decent values were what they had to spend.

    Being in the passive position of seller isn’t a good thing, though sometimes it’s unavoidable when a player’s personality and/or contract are a liability (DLowe). That’s certainly not the situation with Prado (or Jair).