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Cespedes speaks, Cubs and Orioles listen

According to a Tweet from the account of Dominican reporter Dionisio Soldevila Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes claims that the Cubs, Orioles, Detroit, Marlins, White Sox and Indians have expressed interest in him.  The Cubs and Marlins have been rumored to have interest in Cespedes for months.  The Cuban defector is not yet eligible for free agency as he has yet to establish residency in the Dominican Republic.  Cespedes is expected to sign a multi-year contract in excess of $30 million upon being granted free agency.  The Orioles are an intriguing name to find on the list of teams interested in the 26 year old Cespedes.  Baltimore has not typically gone after high profile International talents, though new GM Dan Duquette has spoken publicly about the organization’s desire to scout and sign talent from all available sources.  Given the list of bidders suggested by Cespedes the Cubs (who have yet to make a large financial commitment to a free agent this offseason) would appear to be the favorite given the club’s financial resources and decreased payroll.