New York Yankees Agree to Terms With Hiroki Kuroda

By Craig Williams

According to Jack Curry, the New York Yankees have further bolstered their starting rotation by agreeing to a one year deal with right-hander Hiroki Kuroda.  The deal is not official because it is still pending a physical, but it is worth between $10-11 million dollars.  I have discussed Hiroki Kuroda on here fairly recently, but instead of drudging up the old post right now, I’ll just give you the summary:  I like Hiroki Kuroda, but I did not want the New York Yankees to trade for him or sign him for too many years or too much money.  Clearly, none of those things happened so I am pleased with this deal.  The righty posted solid numbers in 2011 with a 3.07 ERA/3.78 FIP and 7.17 K/9 over 202 innings pitched.  In other words, numbers more than satisfactory for a mid-rotation starter.  Once the deal becomes official, Hiroki Kuroda will join Michael Pineda in what should be a much stronger New York Yankees starting rotation – on paper at least.

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