New York Mets' David Wright Not Looking Forward to Trade Rumors

By Craig Williams

In an interview with former Major Leaguer Cliff Floyd, New York Mets’ third baseman David Wright admitted that the trade rumors will be a “pain” to listen to in 2012.  This past season, Jose Reyes had to deal with questions and trade rumors on a daily basis and David Wright got to experience the situation vicariously through his teammate.  There really haven’t been quite as many trade rumors this off-season as I expected, but I would have to believe that the New York Mets will make a move at some point sooner than later.  It really makes no sense for them to keep David Wright around for 2012, pick up his $16 million option in 2013 only to let him walk before they’re ready to contend again. To be honest, I’m not really liking how this situation is shaping up for the New York Mets.  They seem to want to let David Wright improve his trade value, but is he mentally strong enough to return to his All-Star level of play amid all of the extra attention and trade speculation?  I’m not so sure.  Hopefully it will all work out for both parties in the end – a new home and a fresh start for David Wright and some more impact prospects for the New York Mets.

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