New York Yankees Talk To Johnny Damon About A Possible Return

By Joshua Casey

Now that one of the Yankees biggest bats has been shipped to Seattle they are now looking for someone who can replace his bat in the lineup at the DH position this according to The source has said that the Yankees do not have much money left to spend on adding a hitter, and it is very unlikely that would consider Jorge Posada since he is apparently retiring but has yet to make it official.

Damon has spent four seasons with the Yankees in the past (2006-2009) batting .285, .270, .303 and .282 respectively. There have been a few times interested in Damon and a return to Tampa Bay is unlikely since they recently signed Luke Scott. A source with the New York Daily news has said that the Yankees are not done fully evaluating their DH options just yet. The Yankees may be fine with using their current options of Andruw Jones and minor league call-up Jorge Vazquez but Damon is certainly a better option than both.

The one roadblock to a deal between the two sides would be the fact that Damon would not be playing a position full-time and would be on the bench most of the season. Damon would play DH and part-time left field filling in for Brett Gardner occasionally. So all of this talk between Damon’s agent, the infamous Scott Boras, and the Yankees front office may just be an exercise to jack the price up for other teams who are interested, only time will tell.


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