Braves Bring Back Peter Moylan

The Atlanta Braves non-tendered Peter Moylan a couple months ago due to his increasing salary and his injuries. He has been a fan favorite for the Braves. (If you are not following him on Twitter, I would recommend it. He is very entertaining). The Braves had expressed interest in bringing him back, but they could not do so at the $2 million + he was set to make, because of budgetary constraints and his injuries.

He was recovering from shoulder surgery that sidelined him late last year. This came on the heals of a back injury that he battled early on.

The deal is a minor league deal worth $1 million on a prorated basis based on time served on the major league roster in 2012. It also has incentives built into the contract.

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  • Chief Locked Heart

    In previous years Moylan situation was starting to remind me of Mike Hampton – every season depending a great deal on a fragile arm (and in Hampton’s case one that wasn’t all that effective much of the time).

    Moylan as a lottery ticket, though, is a good move for a deep team. If that lottery ticket pays out our bullpen cause our opponents to despair. Well done.

    • Chad

      I think Moylan is a good safety net for the Braves’ bullpen. I’m sure he will be on the roster at some point this year, barring injuries, due to other injuries and overuse by Fredi G. Thanks for your readership.

  • Scotty Duttuno

    aww dude dont even say mike hampton around here lol

    moylan is sick and i was sad they cut him but now they got him for cheap now so thats good but bad for moylan i guess i dont know it seems like smoltz and glavine were right the braves arent fair sometimes but whatever i guess moylan likes them cuz he signed lol

    • Chad

      He will still make $1 million. Doesn’t suck too badly.