Boston Red Sox Off-Season: A Conversation With a Rational And Irrational Sox Fan

By Steve Garrity

You could ask ten different Boston Red Sox fans right now what they think of the team’s off-season and you will probably get ten different answers. Heading into the off-season it was clear the team had needs (backup catching, bullpen, back of the rotation starters, outfield, pitching and more pitching) what with them coming off the biggest collapse in Major League Baseball history. But this was also a team that everyone expected to come close to winning 100 games the year before. It was clear this was going to be a make or break winter for the Beantown nine even with the majority of the 2011 squad coming back.


With Spring Training less than a month away, I present the Red Sox off-season through a conversation with a rational and irrational Boston Fan.

Part 1 – Bullpen


Rational Fan – What did you think of Papelbon signing with the Phillies? Seems like a lot of money to give to a reliever.

Irrational Fan – You can’t let Paps leave, it’s not my money. Give him what he wants.

Rational Fan – Not really sure it’s wise to invest five years into a closer, especially one who’s walk rate was on the rise the two years previous. True it’s sad to see him go but $50 million for a reliever is ridiculous.

Irrational Fan – Yeah, but that stare he does.

Rational Fan- ….

Irrational Fan – Lucchino Sucks.


Rational Fan – Thoughts on the Mark Melancon trade?

Irrational Fan – Never heard of the guy, this team is going down the tubes.

Rational Fan – Tell ya the truth, neither have I but his numbers aren’t that bad. 2.78 ERA, 20 saves, 66 strikes out in 74 innings.  Could cut down on his walks some. But we got him for a middle reliever and a 4th infielder not a bad get.

Irrational Fan – Will he dance with the beer box on his head when they win something?

Rational Fan – Probably not.

Irrational Fan – Lucchino Sucks.


Rational Fan – Looks like Bobby Jenks is down for the count again. Pretty solid contract they gave him…

Irrational Fan – Jenks Sucks.

Rational Fan – Agreed.


Irrational Fan – How did the Red Sox get Andrew Bailey?

Rational Fan – He was injured man, stock was low. That’s why they only had to give up Josh Reddick and a B level prospect.

Irrational Fan – SOX GAVE UP JOSH REDDICK? Kid was a stud in the making.

Rational Fan – You sure man? He probably wasn’t anything more than a fourth outfielder. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Going to have to worry about the injuries coming back but Bailey’s pretty solid, doesn’t walk many, solid SO/BB ratio, keeps the ball in the ballpark. I like it.


Rational Fan – I wouldn’t worry about it, Boston needed bullpen help. A 7-8-9 of Melancon, Aceves, and Bailey, assuming Bard is going to be the fourth starter, is pretty tough. Also have some young guys like Felix Doubront and Junichi Tazawa. We’ll see how it plays out come February but I think it’s shaping up pretty nice.

Irrational Fan – No idea who those guys are, Lucchino Sucks. I’m going to the Cask.


-To Be Continued –

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