Ozzie Guillen Will "Kill Peoples Feelings No Mercy" According to Twitter

By Bryan Lutz

Ozzie Guillen is no longer the manager of the Chicago White Sox, but he continues to run his ignorant mouth.

Let me be blunt for a second. I hate Ozzie Guillen. I realize hate is a strong word and shouldn’t be used lightly, but that is how much I loathe the “man”. Here are the four tweets in question:

  “When i get to chitown lets make one thing clear what happen last day whit the sox stay tune”

“Iam out the country now but i never quit in anything yes be ready when i talk going to be fun”

“I will kill peoples fellings no mercy i turn the page but they no let me a long then get ready going to be bad”

“People want me to look bad but I so honest i wiil saynthe real true put u seat belt on”

His Twitter tirade is responding to Jake Peavy’s criticism of his former skipper about quitting on the team before the season ended. Peavy, who was shut down after the White Sox were eliminated from post-season considerations, went on WSCR The Score to explain what really went behind the decision to shut it down. Peavy said Guillen was against the decision, but Kenny Williams, Don Cooper, and Herm Schneider were in favor of shelving the injury prone starter. Here is a quote from Peavy:

“But at the end of the day Ozzie didn’t finish the season with us the last few games so I don’t know who quit on who. It is what it is and we’re all looking forward to 2012.”

We all know that Guillen resigned two games prior from the season ending; leaving Cooper in charge. Not even a week later, Guillen was named manager of the Miami Marlins. Peavy ended the interview by saying he was looking forward to a new season, with Robin Ventura at the helm.

Who can blame him?

This is one of the reasons I am cautiously optimistic about the White Sox in 2012.

The poison is finally gone.

No longer do Sox fans have to worry about the juvenile outbursts, the broken English expletives, and the moronic decisions made by him personally and professionally. As I’ve stated before, 2005 is a gift and curse. The gift is pretty obvious. I don’t think I have to go in-depth on that one. However, the curse is that this man gets all the credit from some clueless fans, ignorant writers, and loyal management.

If it wasn’t for the fluke – yes, fluke – in 2005, Ozzie Guillen would have been out of baseball a few years ago, or at best, getting runners thrown out as a third base coach.

A breath of fresh air can be inhaled for the first time in years at US Cellular Field. For that reason alone, White Sox fans can look forward to a season where the circus left town. I believe Ventura’s calm demeanor will do wonders for this team. It is a team full of veteran players that know what they need to do to succeed. They don’t need a condescending boob screaming at them after every miscue they have.

While I’m sure some players like Guillen, I guarantee more were sick of the antics and outbursts. The act grew tiresome and certainly ran its course.

A course that was sent back to the kitchen a few years too late.



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