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Jorge Posada to formally announce retirement Tuesday

It’s long been known that New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada had intentions to retire from baseball prior to the 2012 season. These intentions will be made official during a press conference scheduled at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday at 11 am EST, when the 40 year-old catcher will formally announce his retirement from baseball.

During his solid pro career, Posada made five AL All-Star teams, took home the coveted Silver Slugger award on five occasions, and hit 275 home runs while tallying a total of 1,065 runs batted in.

Posada established a reputation as one of baseball’s more solid two-way catchers, with ability to throw runners out with consistency and play well behind the plate as well as being a productive part of a lethal Yankees lineup for the better part of 17 years in Yankee Stadium.

While Jorge Posada most likely will not enter the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, his numbers and performance are similar enough to several other catchers who are enshrined in Cooperstown to suggest that it is a mere matter of time rather than open to debate.

His overall impact on the Yankees over the past few seasons was in decline somewhat, but there is little doubt regarding the lasting impact that Jorge Posada had not only on the Yankees, but on the catcher position.

In today’s majors we are starting to see more and more catchers who are solid defensive players and can also hit with power and average. Mike Napoli, Buster Posey, Yadier Molina and Joe Mauer are all great examples of guys who are very reflective of the standard that Posada has established, and there are certain to be more to follow in his footsteps.

Playing professional baseball into your 40s signifies a love for the game, passion for your craft, and a level of mental and physical dedication which most people simply cannot maintain.

Make no doubt about it, Jorge Posada will be missed.