Boston Red Sox Off-Season: A Conversation With A Rational And Irrational Sox Fan - PT. 2

By Steve Garrity

You could ask ten different Boston Red Sox fans right now what they think of the team’s off-season and you will probably get ten different answers. Heading into the off-season it was clear the team had needs (backup catching, bullpen, back of the rotation starters, outfield, pitching and more pitching) what with them coming off the biggest collapse in Major League Baseball history. But this was also a team that everyone expected to come close to winning 100 games the year before. It was clear this was going to be a make or break winter for the Beantown nine even with the majority of the 2011 squad coming back.


With Spring Training less than a month away, I present the Red Sox off-season through a conversation with a rational and irrational Boston Fan.

Part 2 – Starting Rotation

Rational Fan – Tough to get excited about the starting rotation this year, eh?
Irrational Fan – What do you mean? You mean you aren’t pumped that they signed world beaters like Aaron Cook, Carlos Silva, and Vicente Padilla? You don’t think having three players who are probably good for about a solid 5.00 era is something to get excited about?
Rational Fan – I see your point. The only good thing is they were all signed to minor league deals, so no guarantee they see Boston.
Irrational Fan – Who you kidding? Cherington is so afraid to spend to get anyone this year. Welcome to the 2012 Boston Red Sox, your fourth place team in the AL East.
Rational Fan – You honestly think the Blue Jays are finishing ahead of them?
Irrational Fan – Totally man, me and Sully were talking about it yesterday at Machine. This team sucks, Luchinno sucks, Beckett sucks, the Red Sox suck.
Rational Fan – I mean they were in first until Aug…wait Machine? Really?
Irrational Fan – I like the ambiance.
Rational Fan – Fair enough but Anyways, they were in first until August and Padilla could have some value either in the bullpen or as a spot starter. And a 1,2,3 of Beckett, Lester and a healthy Bucholz is pretty good. No way this team finishes worst than third. The Blue Jays aren’t ready yet.
Irrational Fan – Popeyes still down the street? Beckett still Beckett? Yeah? Teams not doing anything.
Rational Fan – I mean Beckett had a pretty good year, just faded down the stretch like the rest of the team. Can’t put it all on him. We’ll see. Bard could be interesting, he has the stuff to be a solid starter, just needs to get over last season. He could become a nice back end of the rotation piece. And there is still hope they can sign someone like Roy Oswalt or trade for Gavin Floyd.
Irrational Fan – Absolutely put it all on Beckett. He wants to be the Texas tough guy, ganna have to take it from the fans for gaining the equivalent of a small child during the season. And guy,Oswalt is like a 100 years old and he shattered his back last year. No guarantee you get anything worth while out of him and the Sox system is trying to rebuild after the Gonzalez and Bailey trades. Why take anymore out of it?
Rational Fan –  Wow, solid thought.
Irrational Fan – Yeah, this guy knows what he’s talking about.
Rational Fan – I guess so. We’ll see they have some in house candidates that haven’t been given a shot yet like Felix Doubront and they still have Aceves. It’s ganna be an interesting year but hopefully, Bucholz bounces back and Lester and Beckett can stay consistent all year. Now how about the bats they picked up?

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