What if the Chicago Cubs Moved Out of Wrigley Field?

By d.j. Stockton

Wrigley Field is one of the most iconic parks that professional baseball is played in and it’s only other rival is Fenway Park in Boston but what if the Chicago Cubs moved and left Wrigley in the dust?  Would this be such a bad thing?


The Cubs have called Wrigley Field home since 1916 and while it is a beautiful place to watch a game it may have outlived its worth.  I only say that because the Cubs have won exactly zero World Series titles while calling Wrigley home.  Now that is not the stadium’s fault by any means and don’t even try to blame it on some silly goat because we all know that’s more far-fetched than believing that Elvis was abducted by aliens and isn’t really dead.  Sorry to break the news to you but the Cubs haven’t won a World Series because they’ve never been motivated to do so.  Call me crazy but I will stand by that statement.  Wrigley Field is a tourist attraction.  Why else would thousands of non-baseball fans travel there from across the country and how much of the profit is made from such visit, can I get a breakdown please?  This is a problem in my opinion because it guarantees that money will be made if there is a losing team on the field.


Wrigley Field has also become the next best place to hang out on a weeknight during the summer.  You find a lot of people boozing around the stadium who don’t know that getting to first base is more than just kissing a girl and there are seven ways to do it (in baseball that is).  These wonderful people drink up the tickets and pay to not watch the game.  And they couldn’t care less if the Cubs are losing 13 to 4 or winning 5 to 0, they’re more concerned about being able to hold their liquor, real bleacher bums can hold their liquor without a problem.  Baseball is also meant to entertain a family which is hard to do if the person sitting next to you is passed out, “Timmy!  Get away from him he could throw up at any time!”


I feel the only reason that the Ricketts would ever want to leave Wrigley would be because he could fit more advertising space into the ballpark.  He would never want to leave a place where he met his wife, heck it just means cheap anniversary dates, “Honey, let’s go to the exact spot in the bleachers where we met.”  She of course responds: “Oh how romantic.  I never get tired of this.”  I’m sure it’s not exactly like that but I’m sure it’s close.  A new stadium for the Cubs would allow a huge chunk of revenue to be produced by advertisers which would provide more money to spend on players.  Now money does not always buy championships but it certainly doesn’t hurt the chances.  I know the main problem with this is that where would the new stadium go and who would fund it?  This is why I am almost certain that the Cubs will never leave the Friendly Confines, and this is not a bad thing.


What could we expect if the Cubs moved out of Wrigley?  Well, for one new motivation for the Cubs to put a winning team on the field.  No longer would games be sold out because tourists want to see the ballpark where they play, the Ricketts family would be forced to put a winning team on the field in order to keep the fans showing up.  This is in no way saying that Ricketts isn’t trying to put a winner on the field right now because he most certainly is doing all he can to make a winner out of the Cubs.  But by moving into a new stadium there would be incentive to keep on winning.  Also, the stadium is falling apart and needs millions of dollars to be poured into it so that it can last another generation would that money be better spent on a new stadium?


But who really wants to see Wrigley Field torn down or grow weary because e of non-use?  Not me, I love that park and still feel the history every time I walk through the gates.  I get annoyed by the non baseball fans who don’t know anything about what Wrigley Field stands for and they don’t want to learn it.  That’s just part of the game I guess, its allure draws people in without them knowing and before they know it they are watching the game becoming more and more enchanted by the mystery.  Hopefully Wrigley Field lasts for many lifetimes and finally gets to see that World Series it so deserves.

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